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I currently teach an animation class that meets at Studio 23 Atlanta in Smyrna, GA on Thursday evenings. Previously, during the summer of 2019, I taught children in the 6-10 age range in a number of different classes, one of which included designing, constructing and displaying their own mythical creatures out of Sculpey in a week-long course, from June 24th - 28th, 2019. Another one focused on developing, fabricating, and animating their own paper puppets for Stop-Motion animation (from July 15th to the 19th), and two one-off Stop-Motion Animation Down-shoot Workshops were also held for older kids on July 27th and September 26th, 2019. Click below for some photos of the classes, the students, and some of their work, or check out some of my student's animation work to the right!


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