A quarter-long project for Stop Motion II, the goal of this assignment was to design and develop a character and an environment for them to be animated in. My character, an elderly man named Elroy Robbins who runs a sweet shop in coastal Maine, has come upon hard times as traditional sweets have fallen out of favor. Much to his dismay, Elroy has had to re-stock his store with more trendy, profitable organic food. 

After assembling moodboards for the set and character, turn-arounds were developed for Elroy, as well as a number of the props within the scene. The armature puppet was created with a wire skeleton, and joints sealed with ___ , with hands dipped in latex, and an extensive mold and casting process undertaken to create a solid head for the character. Clothing was sewn from repurposed materials, such as an old stripy blue shirt that was intentionally stained with tea to push the aged appearance. 

The set was plotted out with an overhead plan, keeping in consideration the size of the puppet and the placement of the camera for the three required shots. Lots of miscellaneous containers and small jars were re-purposed as candy jars, and filled with bits of small candy to populate the shelves.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.