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This video project, my first ever experience in Adobe After Effects, was an extremely exciting venture into waters I had wanted to test for a number of years; the realm of kinetic typography. For this project, our goal was to select a short piece of audio and create a short motion graphic to accompany it, proving an understanding of timing and legibility along the way. I decided to synchronize text with a piece from comedian Eddie Izzard’s 1999 stand-up show ‘Dress to Kill’ about imperialism, and, more specifically, Britain’s claim to India as they built their own massive empire. 

(Above) After Effect's Active Camera in action. Both of the scenes that implemented 3D (the 'STOLE' emphasis and the waving flag) were made visible so you can see where the 3D camera was positioned the entire time; all the rest of the motion was simply tweaking position and scale.

(Above) All the text of the last scene, compiled into the gun shape based on the source image. Text was seperated word by word onto seperate layers and individually tweaked and distorted.

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