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A group project for New Media History. Our goal was to design an art piece utilizing new media, or technology, in some way. Inspired by decaying film footage, this piece is a digital room housing old pieces of technology, showcasing the universal attribute that all technology has - the inevitably of breaking, either through error or decay over time.

In this project, my role, besides helping develop the initial concept, was to design the basic layout of the room, where things would go and be placed, and how they would be orientated in the room. Using the work of Nam June Paik as a visual influence, though departing from his tendency for alignment and organization, the old, broken monitors and screens stack atop one another, surrounding the viewer in a overpowering smorgasbord of noise, old-fashioned telephones dangling in their way (which I was also able to animate).

The piece was exhibited (in small scale), on a website similarly designed to be reminiscent of broken technology


Download the Unity file here! 

 Requires Windows OS.

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