Cartoon all-Stars reanimated

A reanimate project organized by Nico Colaleo & Vivienne Medrano, in which 53 artists reanimated small segments from a surreal anti-drug PSA from the 90s.

Watch the whole video here!

(ABOVE LEFT) - The final product!

(LEFT) - The original film clip I was given to reanimate.


(LEFT) - The original sketches, blueprints and skeleton for the duck puppet

(CENTER) - The beginning stages of fabrication on the duck puppet

(RIGHT)  - The individual duck bills used for lip sync


(LEFT) - The duck ready for animation

(BELOW LEFT) - Initial lip sync test, post-fabrication

I built a fully rigged and animated duck armature puppet for this project, especially notable for it's replaceable bill, specifically made for lip synch. The puppet was photographed three separate times in front of a greens screen, with each take then being composited together into the final product. Some additional background characters were fabricated out of paper and shot with a down-shoot, as you can see further below.

(BELOW LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT) - Isolated animation segments for each of the three duck triplets.

(LEFT) - Cut-out paper down-shoot animation of the background turtle character

(BELOW LEFT) - Cut-out paper down-shoot animation of the background tiger character

(BELOW) - The elements of the cut-out puppets, ready for animation!