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(Above) The 'Pirate Gag' bit I animated (and voiced), playing on-screen in the Fox Theater Ballroom, immediately following intermission.

In early 2017, through some mutual connections, I had the opportunity to work with Atlanta-based production company FilmTribe on a client-commissioned piece for the annual Atlanta-based advertising awards show, the Addie Awards.

The bulk of the commission were short animated segments to book-end categories of awards as they were presented.  The theme centered around the ideas that were winning awards being the ideas that 'survived' the arduous process of development and production, and different animated segments highlighted the ways they were 'saved.' The segment I got to work on in this vein saw an abandoned, forgotten idea being remembered and rescued, and had me animating a rigged puppet of an 'idea' (represented by a piece of paper), based on designs we had been given by the client (see below left).

I got to do the basic character animation on said 'Forgotten Idea,' before it was passed on for final revisions (you can see the differences between my last draft and the final version in the videos below), at which time I got to work on some miscellaneous comedy bits and interludes that were played during the show, including an interaction between the paper and the event's MC, Mike, and a 'pirate gag' that played immediately after the event resumed from a brief intermission (complete with my voice-work attached).

(Above) The original artwork provided by the client, off of which we based the designs and concept for the animations, including the 'Forgotten Idea' segment I animated.

(From Left to Right) The 'Pirate Gag' bit I animated (and voiced), which was played immediately following intermission, the 'Hey Mike' gag played during the opening minutes, and the 'Forgotten Idea' segment used to bookend two different categories of awards from each other (The video above is my final draft, it was revised by other animators after our creative head had some new ideas, the differences in which you can see below)

Addie Awards 2017 - Forgotten Idea LIVE

Addie Awards 2017 - Forgotten Idea LIVE

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(Above) A camera recording of the final 'Forgotten Idea' segment, on-stage in the Fox Theater Ballroom on February 23rd, 2017.  The big difference between my last revision and the final version is the paper inhaling and choking on a spider, which was added by another animator as I was busy animating the 'Hey Mike' bit.

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